Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to empty out all of my drawers?

A. We recommend that you place your clothing into medium-sized moving boxes or let our staff handle that part of the packing process for you. Empty drawers make it much easier to move your furniture safely. If any items remain in drawers on the day of your move, then the foreman will discuss the safest and most appropriate means in which to transport your belongings.

Q. Can you disassemble and reassemble furniture?

A. We take apart most bed frames and disassemble other furniture that must be broken down to move it safely. We also reassemble your furniture at your new location.

Q. Can you provide protection for my floors and doorways?

A. Yes! We provide protection for your floors and doorways.

Q. Can you arrange furniture in my new home?

A. Yes, that is part of your full-service move. We will always make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the furniture arrangement in your new home before we leave.

Q. What happens during inclement weather?

A. It is unlikely that it will stop us from completing your move. It may, however, slow us down.

Q. Should I tip the movers?

A. Moving is a service industry, so if your movers provide courteous service like our service, you can feel free to tip accordingly.

Q. What about propane grills?

A. We can move grills, but the propane tanks must be disconnected and left behind. Propane tanks are not safe to transport in our moving trucks, even if you think they are empty. Also, make sure the grills are cleaned and the grease trap or catch basin has been removed or thoroughly cleaned. Unclean grills can attract pests and the smell can saturate other items in the enclosed environment of a moving truck.

Q. Can you move washers, dryers, and refrigerators?

A. Yes, we can move these bulky items. However, you should contact a local appliance technician to unplug and disconnect these items. Our movers are trained to move items safely, but they cannot take responsibility for disconnections. Also, make sure that your refrigerator is empty of all food and liquids, and has been thoroughly defrosted and dried prior to moving day.

Find out more about how you can prepare for moving with our FAQ when you give us a call. Our team in Quincy, Massachusetts looks forward to helping you with your big move.