Movers Insurance in Quincy, MA

Bunker Hill Moving Company, like all moving companies, provides all of our clients in Quincy, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas with basic movers insurance coverage for their items. This coverage is referred to as valuation, and is what every licensed and insured mover is required to offer based on specific state and federal regulations.

Valuation refers to the government-regulated amount that a moving company will pay for your belongings in the event that they are lost or damaged by the moving company. The State government determines the valuation amount when you make a local move and the Federal Government decides the amount when you move across State lines.

Weighing the Importance of Valuation Insurance

All licensed moving companies automatically include the basic valuation in the total cost of your move. Basic valuation insurance is $0.60 per pound for each item, and the valuation amount is based on the weight of the item. For example, a one-pound bag of baking flour and a one-pound bag of jewels would have the exact same valuation of $0.60.

Where Can I Find Moving Insurance?

If you believe that any of your items are worth more than $0.60 per pound, then you may want to purchase additional moving insurance directly from your moving company or from a third-party insurance source. Your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance companies may already provide you with insurance while moving, so you should check with your agent. If you do not currently have coverage, then we recommend purchasing moving insurance through a third-party seller like or (we are not affiliated with either of these insurance companies).

Do I need a Certificate of Insurance?

If you happen to be moving into or out of an office, apartment, or condo, then you may need a Certificate of Insurance. It is in your best interest to ask your building manager if this is required before making your move. We are glad to give you a Certificate of Insurance, so simply contact our office and we will provide it to the appropriate party.

No amount of insurance is able to replace the priceless memories that have been preserved in those old photographs of your grandparents or the clay handprint that your children made you for your birthday. Choosing our company for your next move is your best bet against ever needing insurance, so make the right choice when it comes to insuring your belongings for the big move.

Discover the benefits of coverage provided by movers insurance when you contact us. Located in Quincy, Massachusetts, we offer valuation options for all of our clients.