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“I think the owner of this company is an honest man and really cares about his customers and his business. The price they offered was very competitive! The customer service was very good when I called for moving service and I got the quote promptly. The movers showed up on time and took care in wrapping and protecting my furniture. I had some issues with the moving and they were resolved quickly by the owner. If you need bags to protect your mattress or tapes, better buy them yourself, they charge $10 for a bag and $3 for a roll of tape.”

- Angela D., Southaven, MS (3/8/2015)

“In late November 2014, we were moving from Quincy to Plymouth. We hadn't moved in many years and didn't know who to call, but after researching as best we could, we called Bunker Hill Movers. The nicest man came over within a day and walked through our home, making an extensive list of everything that was to be moved. In addition, because of closing and buying times, we needed them to hold the furniture overnight. We were provided with a list of our furniture to be moved and a quote. On the day of the move, they showed up first thing in the morning and carefully packed up things that we weren't able to pack and loaded the truck. They also had plenty of extra supplies I was able to purchase to finish up packing some items, too. On the next day, they met us right on the agreed time at our new home and careful unpacked and placed our furniture where we wanted it. They did a great job and were especially careful with all our furniture. We were very impressed with their work ethic. Very professional and the quote was exactly what we paid. Highly recommended!”

- Pat C., Plymouth, MA (2/7/2015)

“So, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Marcos and his team as they assisted my husband and I as we downsized to a new home. From the get-go, Marcos was clear about EVERYTHING to do with the move; the price, his expectation of the move, and how they planned to move us. He spent at least an hour at our home estimating how long it would take, how many men we needed for the job, and explained the best way to go about it. This crew made this experience the best move of our life! They were thoughtful, funny, talented, and thorough, and it showed in every single piece of furniture or box they moved. Marcos is one of the finest businessmen I have ever met. Professional, yet fun and easygoing, as were all the guys. If you are worried about moving and all the stress and frustration that goes along with it, then Bunker Hill Moving is the company you want! They made short work of it, instantly reduced my fears and stress, and the icing on the cake was coming in under the estimated time and budget!”

- Maureen A., Quincy, MA (10/24/14)

"I did not use their services but I want to comment on the character of the owners and their employees. I lost my work laptop, left on the roof of my car, somewhere from my home and my destination. Marcos, owner, and his crew had stopped and found my computer in the middle of the night in the street and had returned it to me. The honesty and integrity of the people working here is apparent! I was very relieved and gracious they did the right thing and returned it, never for a second had they thought about keeping it. As pertains to moving, personal items are handled directly by crew members and I'm confident to say you would be very happy to know your items would be cared for and handled with great security. If I ever need the use of their services, I won't hesitate to call. Thanks again, Bunker Hill Movers!”

- Xeng H., Quincy, MA (10/03/14)

“We used Bunker Hill for our move from Cambridge to Somerville. Right from the start, Joanie was extremely nice, professional, and accommodating over the phone. Joanie and Mario came by to estimate the amount of stuff we had and how long it would take them to move it all. On the day itself, Mario and his crew arrived on the agreed-upon time and got to work immediately. We had packed our boxes ourselves and had everything ready to go. They wrapped all our furniture in professional moving blankets and made sure nothing got damaged. Within a couple of hours, they had the truck loaded and were ready to go. After a quick lunch and a 15-minute drive, the truck was in front of our new house. Again, within a couple of hours all our things were in the rooms we wanted them in and they were done. It was a great experience and very uneventful. That sounds boring, but that's what you want from a move. I would definitely recommend them, they were simply fantastic!”

- Tim V., (6/21/13)

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how great your team was. On-time, pleasant, and professional. I could not have asked for a better moving experience! Thank you."

- Marilyn M. (4/11/12)

"Really loved working with Marcos and team. Already recommended them to friends."

- Shreekar (7/16/12)

“What a great experience! Marcos and the guys were very professional and began working as soon as I answered the door. Marcos made sure I understood all charges up-front and kept me involved and updated every step of the way. Their teamwork was amazing - every guy knew what the other was doing and each knocked out his job with great efficiency. They were able to take apart and reassemble my tables and beds faster and easier than I would have, saving me much time and headache. They were respectful and personable without ever stopping their loading or unloading. The job came in under time and under budget. This move highlighted everything great about hiring a small, local company who cares about the community and the job they do. I would definitely use them again and have already recommended them to a friend who's moving in two weeks.”

- Cameron M., Quincy, MA (3/7/2015)

“I think the biggest thing about any company is honesty, and Marcos and his team are hardworking, dedicated, and always keeping the customer happy. I had to move from Quincy to Medford, my biggest concern was going to be the condition of my furniture. I did have to store it for several months. I am happy to report, my furniture was in the same condition it was when it was packed up five months ago. This company was actually recommended by some friends of mine within Quincy. Being that it is the first time I have moved my stuff, I did not know what to expect. They are efficient, respectful of your property, and diligent about their work. I highly recommend their services. Marcos is an honest person, and good things come to those who are honest. Best of luck!”

- Francesca M., Quincy, MA (12/10/14)

"One of the best moving companies I have ever used! My husband and I used this company in June for our move. We only had to move about two miles away, but they were more than accommodating. They even provided us with storage in their vehicles overnight as we were unable to complete the move in one day. During the move they were very diligent about wrapping and taping EVERYTHING in our home to make sure there would be no damage during the move. And, when we arrived at the new house, we had some difficulties getting certain pieces of furniture into our bedroom and basement, Marcos himself (the owner) would not rest until these pieces made it into the rooms they needed to be in with no damage to the items or the walls of the house. We were quoted for the job and came in right on target. I would definitely recommend Marcos and his team for your next move.”

- Tara P., Melrose, MA (10/15/14)

“A team of three movers (Marcos the supervisor, Diego, and Omar) moved me a short distance and it was one of the best moves of my life. They arrived on time, worked hard, moved everything with great care and efficiency, and got the job done quickly, and it came in under their estimate. Marcos was the highlight of the move, this is one of the finest individuals I've ever had the pleasure to do business with. Dude gave me a hug at the end. I give them my highest recommendation, and would trust them fully with any of my stuff. Moving SUCKS, but these guys made it so much easier than it could have been!"

- Matt B., Boston, MA (7/16/14)

“So, we moved from Quincy to Weymouth. We went from an apartment to our own house.  Woohoo!  I had called around, gotten some estimates, one of them being Bunker Hill. They had the best price and Marco who came to do the estimate was great. He said he'd be present for our move and he was. All four guys that did our move were terrific. They showed up on time and we had a ton of stuff to move; 11 hours’ worth of stuff!  It wasn't an easy job, but the guys were professional, courteous, and extremely hardworking, even at the end of a very long day. Nothing was damaged during the move, either. This move was all that much easier thanks to Marcos and his crew. I would highly recommend Bunker Hill Moving if you plan on hiring movers.”

- Mike D., (10/3/13)

"I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful service and professional, friendly, and excellent experience I had with your moving company last Monday. It made my moving day much easier. As we all know, moving is not fun and can be extremely stressful. Thank you! I would recommend you to anyone."

- Dr. Stella B. (6/27/12)

"On-budget and very friendly."

- Erin M. (7/21/12)

"Everyone associated with the company made an incredibly difficult move (emotionally) a breeze!  FABULOUS! Very efficient!”

- Sharon A. (7/26/12)

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